With the Electronic Seal you ensure the integrity and authenticity of your company documents, protecting them from the risk of alterations

eSeal is the digital signature associated with a legal entity

eSeals employ cryptographic techniques to guarantee security

Reduce cost by increasign efficiency for high volumes of digital documents

Qualified eSeal meet the requirements of eIDAS Regulation

What is an Electronic Seal or eSeal?

An electronic seal, also known as an eSeal, is an electronic signature associated with a legal entity (company or organization) and can be used by multiple individuals within that legal entity. To generate an eSeal, a legal entity must be verified and authenticated by a third party or through a remote identity verification process.

Similar to the Qualified Electronic Signature, an QeSeal is supported by a digital certificate that “seals” data, sensitive documents, and other communications to guarantee their integrity and origin from a reliable source.

Why my company need an eSeal?


Proves of document integrity

eSeals is granted to the organization only after a third party vetting and utilize cryptography to detect any document alterations, thereby safeguarding against potential fraud and ensuring document integrity.

Cost optimization

Automation of document signing, particularly for high volumes, results in significant time and resource savings compared to manual signing methods.

Compliance ensurance

In many jurisdictions, eSeals carry the same legal weight as traditional signatures or seals, bolstering security and acceptance and providing assurance of authenticity.

Qualified elctronic signature vs Qualified eSeal

GoSign supports all electronic signatures defined eIDAS Regulation
Qualified electronic signature

Max Validity 

  • Issued to a person
  • Certifies the identity of the indidual who sign the document

Max Validity 

  • Issude to a legal entity
  • Verifies the origin and integrity of a company's documents

Seal digital documents from anywhere with eSeal

Choose the identification method:
VAT excluded

3 years validity

Common Use Cases for eSeal:

eSeal is used to attribute the authorship of a document to a company or organization.
The most frequent use cases include:

Electronic invoices

Financial statement and banking documents

Health care: medical records and reports

Legal attestations and certification

Protocol processes

Digital Contract

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