Pharma can take care of transactions


Redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance

Pharmaceutical sector is appearing in constant change, affected by a declining profit margin, higher pressure on costs, and increasing concerns about supply chain models.

To respond security concerns, regulators established the criteria to manage the distribution, storage and retrieval of records by pharma manufacturers c(CFR 21 title 11).

The main challenge for pharma companies is to improve compliance with regulations and adopt digital solutions to ensure and speed up processes.

InfoCert, as Qualified Trust Service Provider, can lead pharma company in redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance along supply chain.

Use Cases

All digital process we have already healed with our Pills of trust

  • new-customer-3

    Trust in maintenance and audit

    Pass the audit process easily, tracking the whole distribution, storage and retrieval processes guarantying authenticity, integrity and confidentiality of data.

  • process-automation-2

    Internal Approval Processes

    Internal authorization approvals along the value chain and among different locations, integrated with enterprise systems.

  • Omnichannel-sales-experience-2

    Digital Supply Chain

    InfoCert allows you managing all supplier relationships digitally: from offers acceptance to contract subscription and purchasing orders. Any supply chain related document can be fully digitalized.

  • Digital-Services-Upselling-2

    Process Automation

    Approvals, supply chain, contract signature: we support your organization cutting time spent on these processes with our automated signature platform.

  • Compliance-by-design-2

    Compliance by design

    Thanks to our solutions, your Company will be compliant by design with all major provisions of national and international laws (CFR 21, eIDAS and GDPR).

  • Liability-outsourcing-2

    Secure Communications

    Transmitted data are protect against loss, damage or unauthorized alterations, providing evidence relating to the handling of the transmitted messages.


Speed up and control along all value chain

  • Security-and-compliance-2

    Security and compliance

    Our clients are able to control business sensitive data and adhere to compliance mandates securely and efficiently while enabling staff to access the data when and how they need it.

  • Office-mobility-2

    Cutting operational costs

    The speed up of approval process through digital solutions enable companies to save time and operational costs.

  • Application-development-2

    Speed up maintenance process

    Companies can rapidly identify and solve problems along the supply chain, minimizing production downtimes.

Our Approach

We guide you in a digital (trust) world

  • Deep-Analysis-2

    Deep Analysis

    We know that every company is different. That’s why we start by analysing your processes in depth to understand how we can improve them.

  • Flexible-Design

    Flexible Design

    We design the most suitable solution for measurable increasing value in your processes and in full compliance with the law.

  • Agile-Delivery

    Agile Delivery

    We can easily insert our solution into your existing application.

Customer Success Stories

See how our solutions have helped our customers successfully digitize their business processes

Our Customers

Global Brands already working with InfoCert

Unicredit Bank
bnp paribas
Deutsche Bank
Credit Agricole
Intesa Sanpaolo
European Commission
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