Why should you choose GoSign?

Why should you choose GoSign?


1.6 million of people already use GoSign every day, only in 2021 there were 830 million of signature transactions. But why did people choose to sign through GoSign? Which are the advantages of this InfoCert Open Signature Platform?

Available in ten languages, this Open Signature Platform by InfoCert is easy to use everywhere you are, remotely or in presence it doesn’t matter!

It guarantees significant time reduction for approvals, low Startup and Implementation costs, 100% of the legal value for all transactions globally, better governance for document processes, all kind of electronic signatures eIDAS compliant solution, intuitive and smooth user experience, easily integrable with the most common applications (Microsoft, SAP, etc.) and full control of processes and approvals.

This is not all, this platform is able to give users all the features they need. Below we indicate you some interesting features of this platform.

GoSign’s features

GoSign’s features

Whatever e-signature you have, whoever you want to involve, GoSign is open to all use cases.

Trough Gosign, an user can:

· Sign files

in any format, .p7m, .pdf and .xml! On desktop, online or on smartphone;

· easily create

any kind of signature workflow: select the documents to be signed, define signature locion, set the recipients;

· apply time stamps

to documents and dossiers, even on already signed documents;

· use its existing e-signature

on device, p12 on your laptop or activate new a Qualified Electronic Signature;

· verify signature validity

applied with any certificate, and download the validation report;

· share files

via mail, qualified eDelivery or other third-party applications;

· have the highest level of security,

thanks to privacy level options;

· select the trust level

for any recipient with the possibility of extending this trust level for the entire process.

GoSign enhance the legal transactions’ value

GoSign enhance the legal transactions’ value

It gives possibility to get an advanced or qualified electronic signature from anyone, also from recipients who have no signature certificate yet. How? thanks to one special identification: on-the-fly identification that gives the possibility to have a one-shot certificate in just few minutes.

The type of identifications are three:

1. Qualified Electronic Signature with Video Identification by an InfoCert video operator;

2. qualified Electronic Signature with SPID through identification by the authentication with SPID (just for Italian country);

3. advanced Electronic Signature through identification via selfie an by an automatic liveness detection process.

Furth more, GoSign can be easily plugged within any existing IT infrastructure. The Solution comes with standard connectors for the most common IT systems (SAP, Microsoft, etc..) and an Integration Layer (APIs) for other custom applications. Choose GoSign for your business!

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