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eDoc ID

The first unattended identification to get a qualified digital signature

eDoc ID is InfoCert’s identification method which, through the use of advanced technologies, allows users to proceed to recognise their identity without back-office support. Thanks to a fully automated identification process via App, your stakeholders can obtain a qualified digital signature certificate in a matter of minutes.

Find out how eDoc ID works in just 4 steps:



The ready-to-use App allows you to start the process anywhere, anytime



NFC technology enables the reading of the electronic document used (e-passport or CIE for italian context)



The identity of the user is confirmed thanks to liveness detection and face matching technology



The qualified electronic signature is ready to be used

Easy for your stakeholders, safe for your organisation

Our technologies make possible to automatically extract and analyse data and photos from electronic documents

eID NFC reading

NFC technology enables quick identity verification simply by using an electronic document and a compatible smartphone. NFC technology can access any eMRTD (electronic Machine Readable Travel Document) to verify the personal data and photo of the owner.

Liveness detection

Liveness detection

The Liveness Detection component ensures that there is a real person in front of the camera. It is sufficient for the user to look into the camera by performing simple movements indicated by the App. Our models are built with the latest face and gesture recognition technologies, such as Deep and Machine Learning.

Face Matching

Face Matching technology automatically checks that the person providing the ID is the same as the person to whom the document belongs by comparing faces and determining the match. Through a simple interface the user can take a selfie or record a short video. His or her face is then compared with the photo on the identity document.

Face matching technology

All the advantages of an automated and unattended process

No costs related to operators and back-office controls

Easy adoption thanks to a ready-to-use application

eIDAS Regulation Compliance

Simple and intuitive user experience for your stakeholders

Qualified Electronic Signature obtainable in a few minutes and without the waiting time associated with back-office checks

Qualified Electronic Signature usable on all Apps supporting InfoCert signature certificates and integrated with CSC signature systems

eDoc ID, the identification method for all your business processes

eDoc ID allows organisations to guarantee the full legal value of digital transactions, enabling their employees, collaborators and all stakeholders to obtain a qualified digital signature within minutes.

Business to Business

Speed up business processes by digitally signing documents such as tender requests, quotations, orders and purchase confirmations.

Business to Employees

Simplify the management of your resources, from signing employment documents to reimbursements and expense reports.

Business to Consumers

Close deals and sales in a short time, offering a quick and easy tool for signing contracts.

Business case

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Our Digital Trust solutions meet the needs of companies in every market sector


We offer innovative solutions to banks and financial institutions, supporting the transition to a Smart Digital Banking model.


We help insurance companies protect margins and profitability by leveraging the Digital Trust.


With our Digital Trust solutions, we help utilities transform to keep up with the times.


We help automotive companies create new business models where digital meets physical.


We support companies in the telecommunications sector in their digital challenge to acquire and retain customers.


We help pharmaceutical companies redesign their business processes digitally, ensuring reliability and regulatory compliance.

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