eID Gateway

Leverage on already verified identities to offer your services faster

Leverage on certified Digital Identies from different countries in EU

Let your customers register and access to your services easily

Ensure compliance with international regulations

Unlock new use cases and business propositions

Instant Identity Verification for your Business Success

Thanks to InfoCert’s eID Gateway technology platform, can you enable your customers to authenticate with their own digital identity (eID), previously issued by leading European ID providers, speeding up access for your customers to online services.

Leverage on EU digital identities to streamline your authentication processes

Find out the most common use cases!
Finance & Banking

Simplify access to your Home Banking services

Enable access to your App using an already verified digital identity and improve your customer experience. Perform operations and transactions in a single click.


Speed up the booking of medical examinations and check-ups

Manage booking systems more efficiently by using an already verified digital identity. Reduce waiting times due to time-consuming paperwork and simplify procedures for your patients.

Rent your car in just a few clicks

Speed up onboarding processes by eliminating lengthy and repetitive registration processes.

Build your multi-country business strategy

Thanks to our expertise in the field of compliance, we support the development of ad-hoc remote identification solutions according to customer needs while respecting international and country-specific regulations. This allows you to leverage multiple existing identity models and reduce the cost and time of integration with different digital identity providers.

Why to integrate eID Gateway within your processes?

InfoCert together with Mia-Platform for multi-country Digital Lending recognition

A leading car manufacturer and provider of innovative mobility solutions chose Mia-FinTech (the Mia-Platform vertical solution for the Banking services) and InfoCert to optimise the Digital Lending process available in several European countries. Discover more about the successful implementation of eID Gateway.


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