IoT Security Solution

InfoCert provides a unique dichotomy of Digital, Tech and the reliability of a Trust Services Provider

Certify machine, human and legal entities ID to ensure accountability

Secure bridge between two parties on an unsecured network

Add a Trust layer to your technology services with a clear audit trial

Guarantee the privacy of your data preventing data breach

Are you sure about the identity of your devices?

Trust, Technology and regulations can certify identity of your devices to secure to your IoT Communications.


InfoCert offers a perfect mix of Digital Trust and innovations to support your company with flexible solution.


Certify Identities, secure IoT transactions

InfoCert MID PKI can manage the identity lifecycle of your devices, starting with a proper identification and certificate enrolment process.

Ready to digitalize your processes?

One solution, many different applications

Discover all the use cases

Cam and sensors

All kind of sensors or cam network , managed remotely, can be reliable only if supported by an IoT identity solution (e.g smoke detector, security cam, industrial thermometers).

Smart mobility

Smart cars are a reality. InfoCert IoT Security solution can mitigate the risk of hacking guaranting safety of passengers.


The emerging regulation for drones proves the necessity for a comprehensive solution to identify, connect and secure UAVs. InfoCert MID PKI can create a Trusted enviroment for secure authentication and flight authorization.

Smart meters

Smart Meters are the primary source of data for energy companies. InfoCert offer a solution to mitigate the risk of cyber attack through PKI certificates and Secure Communication protocols.

Energy plants

Nowadays, Energy Plants are managed remotely. InfoCert can assure identity and secure communication to guarantee business continuity and safety.

Easy management

Providers of industrial machines supply services and valuable data to manufacturing customer. InfoCert solution secures the exchange of data and the Identity of the machines with the highest level of privacy and assurance.

Why to choose InfoCert MID PKI?

The IEC-62351 standard

MID PKI certification complies with IEC – 62351 standard. IEC 62351 is the current standard for security on power systems management and associated information exchange. The different security objectives include: authentication of data transfer through digital signatures, ensuring only authenticated access, prevention of eavesdropping, prevention of playback and spoofing, and intrusion detection.

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