Our Digital Trust, your Sustainability

Together for an innovative and sustainable society

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) has increasingly entered the agendas of organisations’ top management, focusing on the importance of sustainable economic development and influencing the decisions of investors and shareholders.

Thanks to Digital Trust’s solutions, we support our clients to innovate their business processes, through the integration of environmental, social and governance objectives, functional to boost their ESG rating.

Sometimes zero is the best number to talk about your business

Thanks to our technologies, we simplify relations between companies, citizens and PAs who are committed to choose innovation and sustainability every day. In 2021, together with our customers we have achieved important results:

830 million signature transactions registered

1,5 million PEC messages sent per day

13,4 million Onboarding processes performed


Paper used


Frictional mobility


Trees cut down

Our contribution to your digital sustainability



We strive to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere in line with European decarbonisation targets.

With our digital solutions, we support customers in reducing their carbon footprint by

  • limiting the use of printed paper
  • frictional mobility and related CO2 emissions
  • storage space


We offer our customers innovative solutions with an easy, intuitive and accessible customer experience, with the aim of decreasing the digital divide.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, we speed up business processes, reducing waiting times and allowing remote access to services. We thus facilitate smart working and a better work-life balance.



We provide organisations with transparent solutions to ensure good governance, adopting a privacy by design approach and guaranteeing high levels of security.

Thanks to our focus on regulatory compliance, we meet the needs of customers in different sectors and countries, certifying the identity of parties involved in digital transactions.

We transform our values into action

InfoCert participates in numerous projects dedicated to environmental sustainability and inclusion:

  • MUGO_logo_petrolio-600x448-1-e1653902858110

    InfoCert and its employees: a si(e)nergy against Climate Change

    With MUGO, the Italian startup founded to create the first climate-neutral generation, InfoCert has offset the emissions generated by its primary CED (Data Processing Centre), amounting to 321 tonnes of CO2, the same as 321 trees. How? By supporting two certified projects aimed at reducing CO2 through reforestation and forest management activities.


    Visit the website

  • Specialsiterne-e1653902420209

    “Neuro-inclusion” project

    InfoCert, in cooperation with Specialisterne, an organisation founded in Denmark in 2004 and operating in the social field, launched the ‘neuro-inclusion’ project. With this initiative, InfoCert has welcomed professionals with autism spectrum disorder into its work teams, recognising diversity as an added value for the company.


    Visit the website

  • logo_ssi_elis-1

    “Sistema Scuola Impresa” project

    InfoCert adheres to the “Sistema Scuola Impresa” project, the proposal of the ELIS Consortium aimed at Italian schools engaged in the process of transforming education. The initiative provides students with the opportunity to train and orient themselves to the professions of the future, with a special focus on females and their access to professions in male-dominated sectors.


    Visit the website

  • cooperativa_giotto_logo_trasp-e1653906062388

    “Giotto” Project

    InfoCert, together with the social cooperative Giotto, contributes to the sustainable development of the civil economy and social innovation, starting with work. Thanks to this project, InfoCert helps to support the socio-occupational integration and subsequent mentoring , in personal and social aspects

    Visit the website

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