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Together for an innovative and sustainable society

Suistainable economic development

The ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) theme has increasingly entered the agendas of the top management of organizations, focusing on the importance of sustainable economic development and influencing the decisions of investors and shareholders.

Our commitment in ESG

Thanks to Digital Trust solutions, we support our customers in innovating business processes, integrating environmental, social and governance objectives, functional to their ESG rating.

Innovation and sustainability

With our technologies, we simplify the relationships between businesses, citizens and PAs who choose innovation and sustainability every day. Together with our customers in 2021 we have achieved important results.

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Our contribution to your digital sustainability

We strive to reduce CO2 emissions in line with EU decarbonisation targets. With our digital solutions, we support customers to reduce their carbon footprint by: limiting paper use frictional mobility and related CO2 emissions storage space

We guarantee an easy and accessible customer experience, aimed at decreasing the digital divide. With our solutions we speed up business processes, reduce waiting times and we allow remote access to services, ensuring a better work-life balance.


We provide organisations with transparent solutions to ensure good governance. We adopt a privacy by design approach to guarantee high levels of security, certifying the identity of parties involved in digital transactions.

We transform our values into actions

InfoCert participates in numerous projects dedicated to environmental sustainability and inclusion:

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