The key to Digital Identity

Enable a reusable digital identity ecosystem

Guarantee security with a zero trust approach

Ensure a fast and easy customer onboarding

Rely on an independent blockchain technology

Exchange information in a secure and compliant way

Dizme combines the benefits of a Distributed Digital Identity, based on Blockchain technology and managed directly by the user (Self Sovereign Identity), with the legal value and trust of a Qualified Trust Service Provider.

One Login, multiple use cases

Why to choose Dizme?


Simply to use

Use already verified data avoiding the implementation of identification and validation processes.

Enhance user experience

Customers, employees, partners can manage and control the data to be shared by identifying and certifying information only once.

Full legal value

Data sharing is done in full respect of privacy, GDPR, AML and eIDAS regulations.



Improved data security

Collect real time data already certified by government authorities or other institutions.

Dizme and the eIDAS regulation

DIZME is an open ecosystem empowered by a digital wallet app,Blockchain technology based, that creates a bridge between the Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) world and the eIDAS compliance, which establish the trust level for electronic identification and digital transactions. DIZME enables the interoperability between the SSI and the Trust Services (TS) and aims to implement the European regulation on digital identity



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