Electronic Signature Software: What is it and What is it for?


    What is and what is the purpose of digital signature software

    An electronic signature software is a tool that allows documents and contracts to be digitally signed with full legal validity, manage all signing processes, and affix time stamps to multiple files and folders.


    By using digital signature software, individuals, professionals and companies can manage signature processes using the latest cryptographic technologies, which guarantee the authenticity and integrity of the document and ensure that it is not subsequently altered by unauthorized modifications. Its use is now widespread due to its ability to facilitate operations and processes that would otherwise require more time and resources. In fact, digital signature applications make it possible to digitize, automate and speed up processes, avoiding the use of paper and decreasing Co2 emissions.


    Using e-signature software it is possible to sign agreements, transactions, contracts and business documents by managing approval and signing processes more efficiently. These digital solutions also streamline and optimize workflows, eliminating costs related to document printing, mailing and paper filing.

    How electronic signature software works

    These IT solutions integrate advanced encryption and authentication technologies that ensure the security and legal validity of signatures affixed to documents. Initially, it is necessary to choose a signature certificate (simple, advanced, or qualified), which guarantees the identity of the signer and the authenticity of his or her signature.


    After completing the personal identity recognition required to obtain the digital certificate, and after installing the electronic signature software, the user follows an authentication procedure, often based on a combination of username, password, and sometimes additional identifying factors. From this point, e-signature software can be used on one’s device: the user loads a document into the software and signs it using the chosen digital certificate.


    These IT solutions allow documents to be signed in electronic formats (PDF, P7M or XML) and can vary depending on the operating system or the specific needs of the user. In addition, a time stamp can be affixed, providing proof of the exact moment the document was signed, offering an additional level of security and reliability.


    Cutting-edge e-signature software includes features dedicated to document organization, integration with enterprise cloud storage and ERP services, and management of deadlines, urgencies and notification modes. One example is InfoCert’s GoSign the advanced, easy-to-use electronic signature platform that enables the digitization of transactions and approval processes while ensuring the full legal value of signed documents.

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