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Electronic Registered e-delivery service is a service that makes it possible to transmit data between third parties by electronic means and provides evidence relating to the handling of the transmitted data, including proof of sending and receiving. GoNotice allows Organizations to have control over the transmitted data against the risk of loss, theft, damage or any unauthorised alterations. It provides certified evidence of every journey step, such as receiving messages and opening or downloading attachments.

Shape your communications however you like

GoNotice acts as a messaging orchestrator, certifying your communications, be they emails or text messages.

One solution, many possible applications

GoNotice enables you to bring more value to your communications across all your organization departments

Payment reminders

Provide verifiable payment reminders to your customers, ensuring the delivery and receipt.

Changes of contractual conditions

Ensure secure delivery of updated contract terms between parties.

Preliminary negotiation notices

Facilitate secure and certified communication of preliminary negotiation notices, ensuring accurate and verifiable records of important business dealings.

Notification of special contracting conditions

Ensure secure and verifiable delivery and receipt of notifications of special contracting conditions.


Facilitate secure and certified communication of complaints.

Notice of new terms of employment

Notify your employees about new job conditions and terms at the workplace like changes in working hours or pay rise.

All the benefits of a certified communication solution

Effective for your organisation, good for the planet

The use of postal services involves incredible distances to be travelled by users and postal operators, thus generating large amounts of co2. With an Electronic Registered Delivery Service (ERDS) system you digitise your processes, eliminate paper use and necessary storage space, save energy and reduce frictional mobility.


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We transform our values into actions

InfoCert participates in numerous projects dedicated to environmental sustainability and inclusion.

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The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert LegalCare and ProxySign for healthcare
The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert TOP for istant lending
The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert GoSign

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