SSL Certificates

Protect the privacy of your customers and ensure the security of digital transactions

SSL certificates are only issued after a validation process

SSL certificates are required for an HTTPS web address

Proof that the company owning the site is an officially recognized entity

SSL certificates safeguard consumer credit card data and information

Why SSL Certificates are important?

SSL Certificates are widely used on the Internet for web transactions and are important for a business in order to increase users’ trust

Security and reliability

The certificate helps increase security and the perception of reliability towards customers for those wishing to start up a business on the world wide web.

Officially recognized

Proof that the company owning the site is an officially recognized entity.

Trustworthy information

SSL Certificates obtained from a Certificate Authority such as InfoCert are necessary for an HTTPS web address.

What are SSL Certificates?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates authenticate the existence and the identity of your website and e-commerce. SSL Certificates are issued only after a validation process which consists of in-depth checks on company data and domain ownership.

Get the OV (Organization Validation) SSL Certificate to certify your website or e-commerce


VAT excluded

For e-commerce owners, businesses, professionals, associations and Public Authorities wishing to boost the confidence of their users or customers who surf the web.

Single domain and OV (Organization Validation)

Multidomain SAN

VAT excluded

For organizations that have multiple different websites and want to cover their users’ transaction security needs with a single certificate.


Single domain and OV (Organization Validation)


VAT excluded

For organisations that have a website with multiple separate subdomains to protect. Just one certificate covers the security of all the websites.


Single domain and OV (Organization Validation) verification

The advantage of SSL certificates:

They optimize SEO and improve site visibility
Help consumer trust your business
Make payments more secure and protect consumers from fraud
Ensure your infrastructure and processes are properly configured

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