Self Identification

AI and advanced technologies for a fast and secure self-made identification

Automated user identification to accelerate business processes

AI and advanced technologies for enhanced security and user experience

Up to 500 documents supported in more than 150 countries 

Signing contracts with OTP in just few clicks and maximum legal value

Simple, Fast, Qualified

Self ID identifies your customers without the presence of an operator. Identity is verified with the support of the latest AI technologies that allow you to perform all steps of the onboarding process completely autonomously: from identity verification to signing the contract with Qualified Electronic Signature. Self-made identification is secure and compliant with the new EBA guidelines.

We fight identity fraud at every stage of the process

With the most advanced identification technologies and Artificial Intelligence, you can identify your customers quickly and securely.

Document acquisition and anti-tampering system

Document acquisition is done in a few clicks. Anti-tampering technologies provide document reading and prevent identity theft.

Document validation with OCR

OCR component extracts personal data and picture from the document without the need for manual input, saving time and errors.

Liveness detection & Face matching

Liveness detection and Face matching technologies ascertain that the user is real and matching the picture on the document.

Process completion and signature

The user’s identity has been successfully verified! If necessary, the user can finalize the onboarding process with a simple OTP.

Automated and real-time KYC and AML checks

InfoCert supports companies in fraud prevention and AML compliance. Using state-of-the-art technology, Self ID can perform real-time AML & Crime List queries for verification of AML reports and measures.

Customize your onboarding process

InfoCert designs customized processes for onboarding and for issuing Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signature.

Why choose a self-made identification process?

Simple, effective and compliant with regulations

SelfQ has been approved by the Italian Supervisory Authority (AgID) as an identification method compliant with the provisions of Article 24 of EU Regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS). In addition, SelfQ is compliant with the new EBA guidelines for Remote Customer Onboarding and all technology components are certified to the ISO 30107 standard – Information technology – Biometric presentation attack detection.

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