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Archive your documents digitally:
leverage on a reliable storage eIDAS compliant

Digital preservation is the set of tools, processes, standards and strategies aimed at prolonging the existence of a digital object by maintaining it in a condition suitable for use, while protecting the object’s identity and integrity, i.e. its authenticity.


Safe LTA leverages on InfoCert’s Trust Services to guarantee:

  • the integrity, availability and durability of documents and information over time;
  • document migration in standard and open formats to guarantee legibility over time.

Authorized users can access documents, download copies with associated metadata and search within their storage space.

At the end of the storage period established in the Agreement, the customer decides whether to delete the data or transfer it to another storage company.

Web application

LegalDoc comes with a user-friendly web front end (LegalDoc Web) that lets you perform all the tasks required to interact with the system (storage, search, dissemination, etc.)​.

Desktop client​

A desktop client (LegalDoc Lite) is available to perform preservation tasks directly from the local Operating System.​


Out-of-the-box connectors are available to seamlessly integrate the preservation system with third-party applications (e.g. LegalCare for standard medical systems and formats).​

Web services

Standard web services are available as an interface for integration with external applications.​

LegalDoc can be adapted to the needs of any European country thanks to: ​

  • an architecture scalable on the regulatory requirements of individual countries; ​
  • the possibility of adding additional functions to document preservation alone (e.g. preservation of signature certificates). ​

Preservation Process

Infocert’s preservation process manages document preservation by creating “information packages” in accordance with the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) standard and the requirements of national legislation.

These packages contain the document and all the information (metadata) concerning it: enriching it and making it available to the client over time.​

Use Cases

LegalDoc lets you digitally preserve many types of documents in a structured way.


    Preservation of Business Contracts

    Thanks to its native integration with TOP, LegalDoc has been adopted by many InfoCert banking customers as their default system for the long-term preservation of business contracts signed by bank customers during onboarding processes.


    Preservation of Government Records

    LegalDoc ensures public administration bodies comply with regulations and requirements for long-term electronic government records, guarantees electronic document integrity and availability over decades, and provides secure and immediate access to data.


Here are just a few of the benefits of implementing InfoCert LegalDoc at your company


Authenticity, integrity, readability and availability of digital documents are guaranteed for a long time


LegalDoc can easily be plugged into any existing IT infrastructure[


Increased document process control


Reduction of direct and indirect costs related to document management activities


Reduction of physical space dedicated to document archiving


Quick retrieval of documents and the information contained in them

Business cases

Learn more about the huge potential impact of InfoCert’s solutions


Our digital trust solutions meet the needs of companies in every market


We help automotive companies create new business models where digital meets physical.


We support Telcos in their digital challenge to acquire and retain customers.


We help Pharma to redesign processes ensuring reliability and compliance.

Evolution of Financial Services

We provide innovative solutions to Banks and other Financial Services, supporting the transition to a Smart Digital Banking model.


We help Insurance Companies protect margins and profitability by leveraging Digital Trust


With our Digital Trust Solutions, we help Utilities transform to stay ahead of the curve

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