Germany: waste management is now 100% digital


    Germany: waste management is now 100% digital

    InfoCert together with AUTHADA brought the circular economy one step closer to digitisation by enabling waste operators to digitally and remotely sign their disposal registers.

    NSUITE: the solution from software house Dr. Ing. Wandrei

    Dr. Ing. Wandrei GmbH is a Berlin-based software company that has been developing solutions for businesses and citizens since 1991. Since 2007 it has been on the market with the NSUITE product series and is today one of the two largest providers of electronic verification procedures in the waste and recycling sector.

    The circular economy towards digital transformation


    Since 2010, according to the electronic waste registration procedure (eANV), circular economy operators in Germany, such as transporters and disposers, must sign disposal registers and delivery notes with Qualified Electronic Signatures. This has always been possible using Smart Card readers. However, the market has long been calling for innovative solutions to further simplify procedures.

    Dr. Ing. Wandrei GmbH therefore approached AUTHADA and InfoCert to to provide a remote Qualified Electronic Signature that could be used on any mobile device without any additional hardware.: “When we found the partners AUTHADA and InfoCert, with whose solution it was possible to sign documents in the prescribed XML format, the enthusiasm was great,” says Jens Michalke, Senior Consultant – NSUITE Customer Support at Dr. Ing. Wandrei GmbH.

    Remote digital signature simplifies waste disposal

    The NSUITE team implemented this technology supplied by the joint expertise of InfoCert and AUTHADA. This
    brought the circular economy one step closer to digitisation, allowing operators to sign digitally and remotely without the use of signature devices. “When we present the new remote signature solution to companies in the industry and their employees, it is always enthusiastically received,” says Birgit Wandrei, Team Lead – IT Project Management at Dr. Ing Wandrei GmbH.

    AUTHADA and InfoCert’s remote signature solution was thus implemented for the first time in a tool developed
    specifically for the circular economy. “We are delighted that our solution is being used in so many sectors and industries, facilitating the work of so many people,” says Andreas Plies, CEO and co-founder of AUTHADA.

    Who is AUTHADA?

    AUTHADA is part of InfoCert’s Open Innovation project. It is a cyber security company that has revolutionised existing identification procedures with its innovative identification and digital signature solutions. Banks, insurance companies, telecommunication providers or even e-commerce companies use AUTHADA to identify their customers online or on site in a simple, fast and legally compliant way.

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