MARKET: Financial Services

YEAR: 2021

Flowe app


Flowe S.p.A. is the new Electronic Money Institute (IMEL) of the Mediolanum Group that stands out for being B Corp and Carbon Neutral:

We are one of the very few financial institutions that also has a social objective written into our by-laws: to teach new generations about sustainability, financial responsibility and entrepreneurship

Roberto Sommacal – Flowe Experience Design Perspective Practitioner.

The Flowe app – the hub on which all the company’s services revolve – officially launched in June 2020, reached its first 100,000 customers in less than 5 months and closed the year at 680,000: a real record.

The app provides users with tools to develop their potential not only in the field of banking – with simple, intuitive and accessible tools even for the youngest – but also in that of better-being – with tools to measure the environmental impact through expenses, motivational content and orientation to personal and professional growth.​​


The reasons for Flowe success are due to the avant-garde vision of the project and the excellent technological performance of the app.

To respond positively to the expectations of users it was necessary to adopt a “light” architecture and involve partners able to guarantee the highest technological and quality standards, starting from the onboarding.

For this reason, Flowe has chosen the competence and experience of InfoCert (Tinexta Group), the largest Certification Authority at European level.

When we started developing the app, we already knew what minimum guaranteed levels of service we wanted. First, we wanted account opening to take less than the benchmark time (eight minutes) and we wanted to provide the IBAN and the card’s PAN at the same time. Then, we wanted the user experience to be totally in app, minimizing key-ins and with no need for human intervention. Finally, the service had to be available every day all day, including at night and on weekends. That’s why InfoCert was the most logical choice for us, because it was the only company that could guarantee us the flexibility we needed to meet the performance requirements that we had set ourselves”.

Roberto Sommacal – Flowe Experience Design Perspective Practitioner.


Thanks to the InfoCert onboarding joining Flowe is really simple, even for the youngest.

Once the app is downloaded the phone number must be certified and a password setted to allow to stop and resume the activation process at any time. The e-mail address can also be certified and, after consulting and downloading the pre-contractual and privacy material, it is time to enter the tax code and proceed to the transmission of personal data.

The user’s identity document is acquired in Optical Character Recognition mode (OCR), the characters written on the document are recognized automatically with no human intervention. Near Field Communication (NFC) document reading is also available for customers having an electronic identity card. Thanks to InfoCert, we are currently the only ones offering this solution: it lets us not only acquire very high-resolution images, but also obtain all the data we need to certify the card’s authenticity directly from its chip, as well as have all the guarantees required by anti-money laundering legislation”.

Roberto Sommacal – Flowe Experience Design Perspective Practitioner.

Once the system performs the appropriate, it’s time for the selfie, extracted directly from the software during the streaming and validated by InfoCert through the so-called Liveness Check.

To complete the procedure, a PDF of the contract to be signed is sent to the applicant’s email address, along with the InfoCert Digital Signature. Of course, if a child makes the request, this last step is performed by a parent or guardian”.

Roberto Sommacal – Flowe Experience Design Perspective Practitioner.

Thanks to InfoCert, Flowe has also streamlined and accelerated some core procedures, such as back office controls, which can be carried out on the basis of data already acquired, verified and certified.

InfoCert was the most logical choice for us, because it was the only company that could guarantee us the flexibility we needed to meet the performance requirements that we had set ourselves“.

Roberto Sommacal – Flowe Experience Design Perspective Practitioner.

InfoCert, with its Digital Trust solutions, is at the side of organizations that see innovation and sustainability as essential principles for the growth of their business.

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