Thanks to MMB workshops get their fill of digital innovation


    Thanks to MMB workshops get their fill of digital innovation

    The partnership with InfoCert has allowed MMB to confirm its attention to the customer and its innovative and digital oriented approach.

    IT solutions for the Automotive market

    MMB is an Italian company specialising in the design, production and marketing of IT solutions, management systems, software and hardware dedicated to car repair and vehicle testing activities.​MMB was set up in 1999 as a support centre for service centres and has become increasingly specialised in IT, developing increasingly innovative products with the aid of its customers.​

    Encourage digitization of processes and streamlining of work models

    MMB needed to accompany its typical customers in a process of digital transformation and document dematerialisation aimed at eliminating the use of paper and innovating the relationship with the driver end user. In particular, the aim was to promote the digitalisation of processes and to improve the efficiency of the working models adopted by car repairers. For MMB, this was a real challenge, as it proposed a solution that was decidedly revolutionary with respect to the habits of its customers.​

    GoSign for digitizing interactions between car repairers and customers

    MMB had already identified InfoCert as a potential partner to meet its customers’ e-invoicing needs. Fully satisfied with the product supplied, perfectly matching the quality standards, the company decided to turn to InfoCert once again, on the strength of its expertise in the dematerialisation of signature processes. A new collaboration was launched to design an effective solution for car repairers: e-Sign. ​

    E-Sign is a signature platform designed specifically for MMB that simplifies signature processes with a fully reliable end-to-end digital approach. E-Sign digitises interactions with customers from prospect acquisition to remote contract management. The platform has enabled car repair shops to simplify processes, allowing both motorists and inspectors to sign digitally and eliminate paper use.

    The partnership with InfoCert has allowed MMB to confirm its innovative and digital-oriented approach. On the customer side in the automotive market, the product resulting from this partnership has led to direct cost savings, in terms of reducing the amount of raw materials used, such as paper and ink and indirect cost savings, as the working processes have been speeded up, as the physical storage of paper documents is no longer required. Finally, MMB was able to send a concrete signal of its commitment to sustainability by helping to reduce paper waste. ​​

    Thanks to the InfoCert signature solution, MMB achieved more than 350 activations, far exceeding its target for the year. However, the digital transformation process will continue: the goal over the next two years is to make e-Sign and therefore this digitalized approach a “standard practice” for the majority of its customers. ​

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