The disruptive power of eIDAS

By introducing a unique schema for Digital Trust Based solutions – electronic signatures, electronic seals, time stamps, electronic delivery services and website authentication certificates – eIDAS is the key to unlock digital transformation in many businesses.

This webinar summarizes the key points of this Regulation, analysing real case studies and highlighting how Companies can leverage digital trust solutions to gain benefits in terms of cost saving, new market opportunities, fraud reduction and governance efficiency.

The disruptive power of eIDAS

How the new EU Regulation accelerates digital transformation and creates new opportunities

 An increasingly digital world implies increasing digital flows of interactions, with arising relationships that are concluded in a totally paperless and remote way. These interactions require a high level of protection at European level: this is the purpose of the eIDAS Regulation, a strong opportunity in boosting digital transformation to create a unique European Digital Market.

eIDAS stands for “electronic IDentification, Authentication and trust Services”, and it is a Regulation that provides a consistent framework for secure electronic identification and verification across Europe.

What do you miss to know about this Regulation?

Why could eIDAS be an opportunity for your business?

How could you leverage on digital trust solutions to gain several benefits?

In cooperation with the European Commission, Forrester Research and EEMA, the webinar will provide you with all answers to your questions, including the on-demand ones. Additionally, it will provide you with some insights about how eIDAS could be the key to successfully survive in an increasingly normative landscape, made by  PSD2, AML and the new 2018 coming GDPR.




Wednesday, January 31, 2018

3:00 PM(CET) – 4:00 PM(CET)

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Andrea Servida

Andrea Servida | Head of Unit “eGovernment and Trust” at DG CONNECT, European Commission



Craig Le Clair

Craig Le Clair | Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research



Jon Shamah

Jon Shamah | EEMA Chairman



Carmine Auletta

Carmine Auletta | Chief Innovation Officer at InfoCert