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InfoCert together with CSQA and Spinlife to measure TOP's carbon footprint

The study realized by InfoCert, Spinlife and CSQA compares the environmental impact of a 100% digital onboarding process and traditional one through the Life Cycle Assessment tool.

TOP allows you to prove concretely your environmental commitment

Measurable, comparable, reliable: find out more about the study

The LCA study

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study makes it possible to quantify all potential environmental impacts involved in the onboarding life cycle. (The data collected for all stages of the process meet the requirements of completeness in terms of technology, geography and time).

Measuring Impacts

The comparison of the impacts of a traditional onboarding process (e.g. opening a current account at a bank counter) versus a 100% digital process showed significant savings in terms of CO2 emissions. (The analysis was performed on the basis of the ISO 14040 and 14067 standards for carbon footprint).

Verification certificate

Every customer using TOP can quantify its CO2 reduction through a third-party audit, enhancing its sustainable commitment. (The study is audited by CSQA, an independent third-party body, in order to support the results obtained with scientific value).
Your onboarding processes are greener thanks to InfoCert TOP®: up to -86% kg of CO2 saved compared to the traditional method*

*The results are based on the LCA study (Revision n-01 of 09/12/2022) carried out by Spin Life and verified by CSQA according to the ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 requirements. The savings in terms of CO2eq was evalluated by comparing the most representative onboarding service of InfoCert TOP® or that of opening a bank account (in the phases of data collection, identification,signature and finalization) completely digitally thanks to InfoCert TOP® compared to the traditional method at the bank office, with de visu identification and printing of the contract.

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TOP, Trusted Onboarding Platform™: the InfoCert solution for more a efficient and sustainable onboarding

TOP, Trusted Onboarding Platform™ is InfoCert’s onboarding solution that enables easy integration of the identification and signing phases into your applications, simplifying the whole process and reducing your carbon footprint.

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