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Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021

We've been recognized as a "Large Provider" for Digital Signatures from Forrester among 19 providers.

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We are proud to announce that InfoCert has been named by Forrester Research in the Now Tech: Digital Signature and Trust Services, Q1 2021


Now Tech: Digital Signature And Trust Services, Q1 2021

You can use digital signature and trust services providers to accelerate digital transformation, improve the experience of your employees and customers, while delivering strong compliance, governance, and assurance to your business. But to realize these benefits, you’ll first have to select from a diverse set of vendors that vary by size, functionality, geography, and vertical market focus. Security and risk (S&R) professionals should use this report to understand the value they can expect from a digital signature and trust services provider and to select one based on size and functionality.

Digitally Transform With Digital Signature And Trust Services Providers

More than ever, digital transformation is paramount for every organization. From digitizing simple transactions to delivering digital processes with a high degree of assurance and governance, these solutions push your digital transformation efforts to the next level.

Select Vendors Based Size And Functionality

Clients must focus on the vendors that meet their specific needs, looking at the details of their offerings in terms of product functionalities, related services, and the level of identity and process assurance they offer.

Assess Your Digital Transformation Risks To Choose Your Provider

Identity fraud, threats to data integrity, and privacy abuses are top of mind for S&R. But digital transformation creates new risks, such as customer experience and employee experience risks, that S&R and their peers must also assess when selecting the right provider.

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