Digital transformation takes flight with InfoCert


    Digital transformation takes flight with InfoCert

    InfoCert was chosen by a major player in the Aerospace, Defence and Security industry to support a digital transformation process.
    Aerospace and Defence: heading for digitisation

    InfoCert has been chosen by a major global player in the Aerospace, Defence and Security industry to support a digital transformation process. The Client, based in Italy but with a consolidated industrial presence also in the UK, Poland and the USA, is present in more than 40 countries worldwide and with the use of state-of-the-art technologies, provides advanced solutions for both the military and civil markets: from the production of aircraft to the implementation and integration of systems for air and maritime traffic control and management.

    Digital Trust solutions for innovative and secure processes

    As an industrial and technology leader, the client needed to digitise its processes, both internal and external, while maintaining high security standards dictated by the sensitive sectors in which it operates.

    GoSign, the simple, fast and secure signature solution

    The solution proposed by InfoCert was the adoption of  GoSignthe digital signature platform which allows documents and contracts to be created, signed, authenticated and stored digitally in accordance with regulations, dematerialising the entire signature process and involving users both internal and external to the organisation.

    In according to customer’s specific requirements, the solution was customised and further enhanced to guarantee a very high standard of security. InfoCert was also able to install the product on-premise, to make it even more secure and corresponding to the particular needs highlighted.

    Finally, the possibility to guarantee a wide range of product integrations with the most widely used SAP solutions was decisive in developing a profitable and long-lasting collaboration: the customer therefore introduced the use of GoSign by internally connecting the various companies of the Group to the software, which are now able to collaborate in a communicating system in a simple and secure manner. The integration with the different companies of the Group was essential to enable all practices to be managed easily within the different management systems of the companies part of the Group.

    At the moment, all the national and international purchasing processes are managed with GoSign, through a process that involves an internal signature and then the signature of suppliers thanks to the “stranger” option, provided in GoSign to allow the system to be used even outside the company.

    In less than five years, important results have been achieved, with a total of almost 500,000 documents signed through the use of the InfoCert solution.

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