Get your qualified digital signature API solution compliant with the European System for Tobacco Tracking and Tracing


    Get your qualified digital signature API solution compliant with the European System for Tobacco Tracking and Tracing

    According to Directive no. 2014/40/EU, cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco produced or imported into the EU must be marked with a unique identifier code to prevent and combat any smuggling and illicit sales phenomena.

    Each Member State shall appoint an entity (the ID issuer) responsible for generating and issuing unique identifiers.  For example in Italy the Customs and Monopolies Agency is in charge to generate and verify the regular affixing of those codes on the individual packages of tobacco products placed on the market and the relative routes of the goods.

    Each ID issuer shall make available to operators two services, one for registration and  the other for requesting unique codes.

    All the operators will need to get a qualified electronic digital signature to register themselves in the system and then ask for the unique identification codes that must be affixed to the individual packages.

    How InfoCert can support the European System for Tobacco Tracking and Tracing

    As European leader of Digital Trust, InfoCert can issue qualified digital signature certificates helpful in several industries in order to allow different subjects to respect the European regulation.

    In this case, InfoCert can release remote qualified certificates for automatic usage, that allow Tobacco’s companies to track any single package with a unique code, by allowing the correct tracing in any phase of the Tobacco supply chain. Thanks to InfoCert Signing APIs, a Tobacco Company can:

    • easily integrate the qualified digital signature in their existing applications
    • apply the requested XADES  signature formats with a completely automatic process
    • avoid the need for a signing authorization by the owner of the certificate

    The entire process is easy and secure, all the involved actors can apply digital signature on any documents in just few seconds. Finally, the use of Infocert’s fiduciary services allows companies to outsource the responsibility of the entire signing process.

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    Furthermore, for the purposes referred to in paragraph 4, letter f) and g) of the information notice:

    1. I agree to the processing of Data in relation to the sending by the Data Controller of commercial and/or promotional communications relating to own products/services of any kinds or products/services of other companies
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