InfoCert and Camerfirma at the Open Banking World Congress in Marbella


    InfoCert and Camerfirma at the Open Banking World Congress in Marbella

    We are happy to announce our participation at the Open Banking World Congress, the original and leading global event on open banking and beyond, held in Marbella on May 24th and May 25th.

    Michele Lavizzari – InfoCert Chief International Development Officer – will speak the first day of the conference on “stage 4” at 01:50 pm (CEST) about “Leveraging decentralized identity for frictionless Customer experience… and new business generation”.

    During his presentation on stage, he will start with a quick introduction about the decentralised identity platform, based on the Self Sovereign Identity, giving an overview of the state of the art at European level and some highlights about the privacy by design blockchain based technology.

    After that, Michele Lavizzari will talk about a solution that gives the end users the full control after their identity. Last but not least, the talk will touch on the possibility to create ecosystems where the actors benefit from clear policies of data governance, with a full user centric approach.

    During the congress, there will be many networking opportunities, including the round table hosted by InfoCert and Camerfirmaa spanish company part of the InfoCert Group and also the main Certification Authority in Spain.

    Michele Lavizzari – InfoCert Chief International Development Officer, Pasquale Chiaro – InfoCert Head of Marketing, Norberto Ostallo – InfoCert International Sales Manager and Ana Noguera – Camerfirma Sales International Director, will talk about the Self Sovereign Identity world.

    Destination Open Finance

    The Open Banking World Congress 2022 is an interesting opportunity to meet, bond, debate, agreeing on creating value from open finance possibilities. Hundreds of leaders will converge in Marbella, and they will be privy to commercial and strategic insights, from both on-stage and numerous off-stage discussions. The world’s leading open finance conference delivers stimulating keynotes, engaging outdoor workshop stages, plentiful 1-2-1s, networking and memorable parties in a fantastic, exclusive setting that has been maximised for relationship building.

    If you could not physically attend the event, you can also participate to the virtual event, an interactive platform, which will give you the opportunity to learn, go into detail of the evolutions of the Banking world.

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