Let’s GoSign! A New way to digitally Sign your documents


    Let’s GoSign! A New way to digitally Sign your documents


    The new electronic signature service by INFOCERT arrives in Germany and later will be extended to the other European countries.



    INFOCERT launches today Let’s GoSign, the new electronic signature service, designed with a mobile first approach that incorporates simplicity, security and sustainability in just one solution.

    Tailored for both SMEs, professionals, and private citizens, Let’s GoSign offers an innovative approach to digital document signing. it is an innovative tool that enables users to digitally sign their documents while benefiting from a simplified signature purchase and activation process: qualified signature certificates are issued on a one-shot basis for each operation, thereby eliminating the need to purchase them separately from the app.


    Experience the future of digital signatures with a free trial of Let’s GoSign.


    Let’s GoSign simplifies the e-signature process, enabling you to activate the service within minutes:

    1. Verify your identity with an electronic document self-identification
    2. Activate your Qualified Electronic Signature.
    3. Start signing your documents with ease, without the need for PINs or passwords, knowing that your signatures are fully secure and legally valid.

    Don’t miss out on our special promotion! Sign up for our 15-day free trial today and enter the world of digital signatures.


    Discover more about Let’s GoSign and revolutionize the way you sign your documents.

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