Sign documents digitally & mobile with Let’s GoSign


    Sign documents digitally & mobile with Let’s GoSign



    InfoCert (Tinexta Group) presents Let’s GoSign: the new mobile first electronic signature service and the embodiment of simplicity, security and sustainability. For the first time, the launch is in a foreign market, attesting to InfoCert’s increasingly international dimension: the solution is making its first appearance in Germany and will be progressively extended to other European countries.


    Darmstadt, 14 september 2023. InfoCert (Tinexta Group), Europe’s largest Certification Authority, announces the launch of its new electronic signature service Let’s GoSign, a solution designed with a mobile first approach that will make its first appearance on the German market after which it will be progressively marketed in other European markets, Italy included. Let’s GoSign is designed for SMEs and professionals but is also suited to private citizens. It is an innovative tool that enables users to digitally sign their documents while benefiting from a simplified signature purchase and activation process: qualified signature certificates are issued on a one-shot basis for each operation, thereby eliminating the need to purchase them separately from the app. PIN and password are not required.



    Proven technology, new product

    The service is based both on the technology of GoSign Web – InfoCert’s platform for signing and managing approval processes directly online – and on the features of the MyLGS app, available on both iOS and Android stores, an authentic system checkpoint thanks to which signature operations can be carried out simply, with a fully mobile approach and much more besides.



    Combined expertise for innovations

    Our constantly growing international reach, thanks to our consolidated presence abroad, gives us the opportunity to pick up on latent needs, and not just in Italy. We respond to these needs by combining our long-standing propensity for innovation with the in-depth local business knowledge of our colleagues abroad. This was exactly the case with Let’s GoSign, ” says Marco Lauro, Digital Sales & Customer Experience Director of InfoCert (Tinexta Group). “The result is a tool for electronic – and qualified – signatures that distinguishes itself for its completeness, simplicity, and security, while providing the perfect response to the urgent demand of users for sustainable technologies that can be used on the move”.



    Free trial period for Let’s Go Sign

    The service is easy to access and can be activated from the portal, which is currently available in English and German. There is also an initial 15-day offer which you can try out free of charge, if you wish, using simple electronic signatures, i.e. without the criteria that guarantee the authenticity and integrity of IT documents, which is specific to qualified signatures. After the 15-day free trial, or irrespective from it, the customer can choose between four service membership plans all lasting a year, and all including qualified signature certificates.


    Different packages bookable
    The plans and their costs differ according to the size of the packages offered, e.g. in terms of the maximum number of documents that can be signed or the maximum number of users allowed. While the service is running, the purchaser can upgrade from one plan to another or purchase add-ons (such as additional dossiers or users). What’s more, if none of the plans already available suit your needs, you can even request a Tailor Made plan.
    Focus on usability and security

    Once the purchasing process has been completed, the service is associated with each user included in the plan: through the MyLGS app and the e-passport feature, each user proceeds independently to the identification process required for the use of qualified electronic signatures.

    Once the licence has been activated, there is no need to enter PIN and password. In line with the mobile approach, each step – from access to authorisations – is managed simply, through biometric confirmation of identity. Via web, on the other hand, you simply scan the QR codes generated by the application and confirm the operations through biometric verification.







    Infocert, Tinexta Group, is Europe’s largest Certification Authority, operating in more than 20 countries. The company provides digitisation, eDelivery, Digital Signature and digital document storage services and is a an AGID accredited digital identity manager for Public Digital Identity Systems (SPID). InfoCert invests heavily in research and development and in quality: it holds numerous patents, while its ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 quality certifications attest to its commitment to providing the highest levels of service and security management. InfoCert’s Information Security Management System is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for EA:33-35 activities. InfoCert is Europe’s leader in Digital Trust services that are fully compliant with the eIDAS Regulation (Regulation (EU) 910/2014) and ETSI EN 319 401 standards. It aims to grow internationally through acquisitions as well: it holds 60% of CertEurope, the largest Certification Authority in France, 51% of Camerfirma, one of Spain’s top certification authorities, and 16.7% of Authada, an avant-garde German identity provider. InfoCert also holds an 80% stake in Sixtema SpA, CNA technology partner specialising in technology solutions and consulting services for SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professionals and other organisations.




    Tinexta is an industrial group offering innovative solutions for the digital transformation and growth of enterprises, professionals and institutions. It is listed on Euronext STAR Milan (MIC: MTAA) and included in the European Tech Leader index as a high-growth tech company. Based in Italy and present in 9 countries throughout Europe and South America with over 2000 employees, Tinexta operates in the strategic sectors of Digital Trust, Cyber Security and Business Innovation. As at 31 December 2022, the Group reported consolidated revenues of € 357.2 million, Adjusted EBITDA of € 94.8 million and a Net Profit of € 78.1 million.

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