Tinexta Group extends its Digital Trust footprint to Germany


    Tinexta Group extends its Digital Trust footprint to Germany

    InfoCert will contribute to the project, certifying the virtual agents’ identity and ensuring Trust in new and revolutionary interaction schemes between humans and agents of the digital world

    Rome,  July 6th 2020 – InfoCert (Tinexta Group), the leading Qualified Trust Service Provider in Europe, is participating in the PRESENT project (Photoreal REaltime Sentient ENTity), funded by the European Union’s Horizon2020 in the research initiatives field, aimed at developing leadership in the enabling and industrial technologies.

    The PRESENT project  will last three years and end in August 2022. This visionary project has the ambitious goal of creating trustworthy intelligent virtual agents. Specifically, the aim is to create embodied agents that will support or, where appropriate, replace humans in situations today based exclusively on the human-to-human interaction.

    Such a new concept of a Trustworthy Virtual Agents (“TVA”), even though totally digital, will have human form and features and will be very similar to famous characters from the computer graphic animation world. As the graphic animation characters, they will be able to interpret and express a wide variety of emotions, enhancing interaction with humans to a potentially higher and more secure level.

    The project, which was awarded European financing in excess of 4 million euros, foresees the participation of both private companies and academic institutions. Among these, the Spanish Pompeu Fabra University and German University of Augsburg; the British company Framestore, multiple academy award winner for visual effects (Blade Runner 2049, Gravity, Golden Compass); the Spanish company Brainstorm; UK company Cubic Motion, specializing in special effects for the film and game industries; INRIA, the French National Research and Safety Institute; Belgian company Crew, a pioneering company in immersive virtual reality performance and InfoCert, the largest  Certification Authority in Europe.

    InfoCert will certify the TVA’s identity and secure trust along the entire value chain. This will open the door to new and advanced use cases of sentient agents in which trust and identity play a key role.

    It’s not difficult to think about a not far away future where we will find ourselves interacting with a virtual agent that will play the role of a financial advisor, a personal trainer or a health worker. In all those scenarios it’s imperative to guarantee a reliable and secure Trust schemes, in order to be sure of the real identity of the virtual agent and protect ourselves from the risks associated with cybercrime –  Carmine Auletta Chief Innovation & Strategy Officer at InfoCert (Tinexta Group) declared–  In the last thirty years, since the arrival of the first web browser on the market, the interactions between humans and the digital world have grown at a hectic pace but most human interactions in digital transactions today do not manage the risks connected to the digital world in a trustworthy, secure fashion. The PRESENT project’s key aim is to put together leading companies and institutions from different countries and industries to lay the foundations of future human-digital interactions. Our ambitious objective is to shape this emerging sector and engender its development by increasing the level of Trust and Security for the benefit of all users. In this InfoCert is uniquely qualified to provide its knowhow that combines technology, security and compliance to enhance trust in the digital economy.”

    The Present Project – Steve MacPherson, CTO at Framestore, said – “The digital world moves at a speed that can be bewildering for many people, which poses a challenge for many industries considering the huge role technology plays in our lives. Digital assistants are a fascinating example of how things are changing, and the PRESENT project aims to explore how we can bring a sense of emotional independence to these virtual characters and engender a deeper sense of engagement and meaning in our interactions with them. The team at Framestore have a long history when it comes to creating photoreal digital humans, and it’s exciting to partner with InfoCert who are developing tech focused on issues such as trust and accountability because without these security fundamentals, the technology is unmoored. InfoCert and their work with the Sovrin Foundation ( ensure that in the near future, these photoreal, real-time computer generated agents will have a verifiable digital identity with the notion of security built into their core foundations.”

    InfoCert SpA

    InfoCertTinexta Group, is the largest European Certification Authority, active in over twenty countries. The company provides digitalization, eDelivery, Digital Signature and digital document storage services and is an AgID accredited digital identity manager in the context of the Public System for the management of Digital Identity. InfoCert invests significantly in research and development and in quality: It holds a significant number of patents while the ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 quality certifications show its commitment to the highest levels in the provision of services and in the management of security. The InfoCert Information Security Management System is certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for EA:33-35 activities. InfoCert is the European leader in offering Digital Trust services fully compliant with the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation (EU regulation 910/2014) and of the ETSI EN 319 401 standards, and the company aims to grow even more internationally also through takeovers. Since 2018 it has owned 51% of Camerfirma, one of the main Spanish certification authorities, and 50% of LuxTrust, a leading Digital Trust company in Luxembourg. Lastly, InfoCert owns 80% of the shares of Sixtema SpA, the technological partner of the CNA (General confederation of Italian crafts) world, which provides technological solutions and consultancy services to SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professional studios, and institutions.


    Framestore is an Oscar-winning creative studio that uses innovative talent and technology to create high-end images for every platform. Framestore partners with clients ranging from Hollywood studios through to advertisers, ad agencies, production companies and video game developers. In addition to being recognised for its globally celebrated visual effects, Framestore has more recently made its name as an innovator in the digital space by focusing on the immersive engagement potential of interactive visual effects.

    Tinexta Group

    Tinexta S.p.A. listed on the STAR segment of the Milan Stock Exchange, obtained the following consolidated results as of December 31st, 2019: Revenues of € 258.7 million, EBITDA of € 71.3 million and a Net profit of € 28.8 million. Tinexta Group is one of the leading operators in Italy in the three business areas: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management, and Innovation & Marketing Services. The Business Unit Digital Trust  provides, through the companies InfoCert, Visura, Sixtema, the Spanish company Camerfirma as well as the Luxembourg joint venture LuxTrust, products and services for digitization, electronic invoicing, certified electronic mail (CEM) and digital signatures as well as services for professionals, associations and SMEs.

    In the Credit Information & Management Business Unit, Innolva offers services to support decision-making processes such as chamber and real estate information, aggregate reports, concise ratings, decision models, credit assessment and recovery and RE Valuta offers real estate services, including appraisals and assessments. In the Innovation & Marketing Services Business Unit, Warrant Hub is a leader in facilitated finance and industrial innovation consultancy, while Co.Mark provides Temporary Export Management consultancy to SMEs to support them in business expansion. As of December 31st, 2019, the Group’s staff numbered approximately 1,293 employees.

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