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Digital Trust solutions

Safe LTA - Long Term Archiving

Safe LTA is the digital archiving solution that allows you to safely and securely archive all of your digital documents in full compliance. Safe LTA is compliant with eIDAS and all major European regulations. Reduce storage costs and the risk of data breaches by guaranteeing the legal and probative value of your documents.

A Digital ID Wallet for the generation of new business - InfoCert at #OpenBankingWorldCongress 2022

Watch the interview with Michele Guido Mario Lavizzari – InfoCert Chief International Development Officer at “Open Banking World Congress” in Marbella.

InfoCert PSD2 Service Suite

The growing use of online payment services and their continuous evolution has led to the introduction of the European Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2).
PSD2 aims to protect consumers against frauds and improve the efficiency of the online payments system.

GoSign, empower your Digital Signature

Discover GoSign and manage your signature workflows remotely and smartly. Easily interact with your colleagues, customers, or suppliers, wherever they are in full compliance with regulations.

DIZME, your Key to Digital Identity

DIZME is the Blockchain-based app that enables users to manage their Digital Identity and share certified info with companies, with full respect for privacy. DIZME inspired by InfoCert is a bridge between the Self Sovereign Identity world and the eIDAS compliance, which establish the trust level for electronic identification and digital transactions. Do you want to know more about DIZME?

TOP - Trusted Onboarding Platform by InfoCert

TOP, Trusted Onboarding Platform, is the cutting-edge platform patented by InfoCert. TOP allows to speed up any onboarding process, to enable digital contract subscription and increase sales conversion rate.

InfoCert TOP - How Video ID works

Video ID is the online identification service offered by TOP “Trusted Onboarding Platform” the patented solution designed by InfoCert to speed up onboarding processes. Turn your prospects into customers wherever in less than five minutes.

MID PKI, how to add TRUST in the IoT space?

This platform enables a secure and trustworthy communication between objects, with a certified and legally enforceable audit-trail of all decision taken and actions performed by all entities involved in a transaction: machines, software components or humans.

Revolutionizing the instant lending market

As the personal lending marketplace becomes even more competitive, it’s crucial to meet advanced user expectations. That’s how InfoCert innovative trust solutions enabled ING successfull digital transofrmation through the implementation of the new digital lending process allowing to reduce time to cash from 13 days to less than 5 minutes.

How to design a perfect Trusted Digital contract journey?

Igor Marcolongo Business Compliance Manager in InfoCert show how to design a perfect trusted digital contract journey.