The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert TOP


    The Total Economic Impact™ of InfoCert TOP

    The solution for distance contracting with full legal validity, 100% digital, 100% online, 100% eIDAS compliant.
    Choose InfoCert TOP and see a 174% ROI in just six months

    Thirty major companies in Europe have already adopted our solution, making it easy for them to sign any kind of contract on line with full legal value.

    The Trusted Onboarding Platform improves the user experience and significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

    Don’t believe it?

    Download the Forrester Report analyzing all the benefits of adopting TOP:

    • + 174% ROI
    • -84% risk of fraud
    • +30% conversion rate from prospect to customer thanks to a 100% digital experience

    This Study was conducted using the Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology that was developed to measure any technology investment in terms of benefits, costs, flexibility and risks.

    TOP has already been adopted by major BANKS in the EU

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    1. I agree to the processing of Data in relation to the sending by the Data Controller of commercial and/or promotional communications relating to own products/services of any kinds or products/services of other companies
    2. I agree to the communication or transfer of Data to other companies who will use them for their own commercial and / or promotional purposes as autonomous Data Controller