More power to your signature processes with GoSign


    More power to your signature processes with GoSign

    InfoCert has been chosen by a major player operating in the integrated water service sector to digitize purchasing processes.

    InfoCert for the Energy&Utilities Sector.

    From electricity and gas supply to the water cycle and waste management, Utilities are indispensable to the health of citizens and the functioning of daily activities and the economy. Therefore, their resilience has become increasingly important in the face of both increasing extreme weather events and vulnerabilities related to the development of digitalization. In this context, the adoption of digital trust solutions, is the key to meeting the challenges of the present while ensuring integrityauthenticity and security of one’s devices.

    Goal: digitize purchasing processes

    InfoCert was chosen as a partner to meet the needs of a major multi-utility operating in the management and development of networks and services in the water, energy and environmental sectors. As one of the leading operators at the national level in the integrated water service sector, the Group needed to digitize its purchasing processes, which had always been managed analogically. These involved users both internal and external to the organization.

    • Request for derogation from payment deadlines;
    • Exclusive Supplier Trust;
    • Goods Entry Form;
    • Purchase request form.

    The need was therefore to equip itself with a digital signature system that would allow the complete dematerialization of the purchasing process, starting from the filling out of the specific forms to their submission for approval and signature, with the possibility of being able to attach any documents useful to the approval process. Thus, there was a strong need to streamline the specific purchasing processes, to speed up activities, while not giving up operating safely.

    With GoSign, document management is easy and secure

    The Client, satisfied with the previous collaboration with InfoCert aimed at adopting the product Legalmail Enterprise, decided to continue its digital transformation journey, this time turning to InfoCert for a more complex digitization project.

    The appreciation for InfoCert grew over time because, compared to previous experiences with other digital vendors, the Group always felt heard and supported. In fact, thanks to a dedicated Technical Account Manager, it was followed step by step in the implementations and its needs were listened to carefully.

    InfoCert then proposed the adoption of GoSign, a complete platform designed to facilitate the introduction of digital signatures in companies, which combines a regulatory-compliant model with great ease of use.

    GoSign has beend identified as the perfect solution for the Group, since it allows documents to be classified, notes added, attachments managed and multiple approvals set up, enabling signatures to be affixed even by external users. The service enables compliance with signature policies, timing of administrative processes, tracking of all formal acts and archiving of all signed documents. Digital signature technology also guarantees the authenticity of the document, making it possible to verify both the identity of the person signing and the inalterability of the document from the moment of signing.

    In particular, special functionalities have been specially created in GoSign, called “friendly utilities”, which can be used across the board by customers belonging to the Group but from different companies.

    In addition to the integration with SAP, InfoCert also developed for the client an integration between GoSign and the management system used internally by its HR department. Employees were thus able to save time and energy by dematerializing and streamlining internal processes, achieving significant results in just over 3 years:

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