Digitalization and innovation for the healthcare sector


    Digitalization and innovation for the healthcare sector

    One of the most important paediatric hospitals in Europe turned to InfoCert to digitise its clinical routine.

    InfoCert for the Healthcare Sector

    One of the most important paediatric hospitals in Europe, a point of reference for the health of children and young people from all over Italy and abroad, needed to streamline its internal processes by adopting a digital signature system. This was to enable its operators to produce computerised, digitally signed documents with full legal validity in a simple and efficient manner.

    Goal: ensure smart processes with full legal value

    In addition, the hospital needed to manage in a simplified way the request for consents to be used both with patients and internally with employees, seeking the use of a graphometric signature that could guarantee full legal value.

    The adoption of new digital solutions is part of a path of renewal and improvement started years ago, and which sees the evolution and completion of the computerisation process in clinical and administrative realities.

    Reduce your paperwork time with Digital Trust

    After winning the tender, InfoCert proposed the adoption of a digital signature platform specifically designed for the healthcare sector. The solution makes it possible to manage both an automatic and remote digital signature service and an on-site digital signature service based on the use of SmartCards or Digital Signature Tokens, all with full legal value.

    In addition, thanks to the integrated Consent Management Platform, it enables the digitisation of the entire patient management cycle and all the documentation pertaining to consent in the medical field, relating to personal data processing, informed consent and the Electronic Health File (Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico – FSE). This is made possible thanks to the advanced electronic signature service, in graphometric mode, capable of meeting the requirement of written form and thus guaranteeing full regulatory compliance.

    Finally, in order to guarantee the integrity, availability and durability of documents and information over time, a special service of regulation-compliant storage was provided.

    The client was thus able to streamline and streamline its processes in various areas of clinical routine: from Analysis Laboratories to various Departments, from personnel offices to administrative acceptance. The adoption of new digital solutions has also reduced the amount of paper used by healthcare workers, in favour of a lower environmental impact.

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