Transforming Legalmail with Generative AI


    Transforming Legalmail with Generative AI

    Legalmail, the all-round solution to manage italian certified communications, transforms with Amazon Bedrock Artificial Intelligence.

    Legalmail: Security, Compliance and Artificial Intelligence

    InfoCert stands as one of Europe’s foremost Qualified Trust Service Providers. Our mission is to empower companies in securing their communications by delivering sustainable and innovative digitization solutions tailored to our customers’ needs.

    At InfoCert, innovation is not just a goal, but a commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

    Legalmail is milestone InfoCert’s solution for certified electronic mail, is designed to cater to various business requirements. It offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. Legalmail ensures the authenticity and legal validity of email exchanges, a critical aspect for businesses to meet compliance standards. Moreover, it facilitates automated classification using filters and rules, enabling seamless PEC dispatches. 

    InfoCert solutions are always synonymous with security and compliance adherence across all the world. InfoCert solutions, such as Legalmail, are always synonymous with security and compliance adherence worldwide.To maintain a leadership position, InfoCert is constantly looking to improve and implement new technologies. This is why Legalmail now integrates the generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of Amazon Web Services (AWS), marking a significant step in the revolution of its functionality.

    With the introduction of this technology, the Legalmail service will be even more accurate and reliable in the proper management of mailboxes and PECs, making the creation of automated processes for security and compliance extremely effective. These processes not only ensure greater accuracy and reliability, but also save time and money by optimising operations and reducing human errors.

    Streamlining ML Integrations Using Amazon Bedrock

    Developing and deploying custom Machine Learning models for each Legalmail customer was a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. Implementing Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that can be used to build and scale generative AI applications with foundations models (FM), InfoCert has been able to access a large variety of pretrained models that were not available with other suppliers.

    Reducing time and costs with generative AI

    To validate the potential and proper functioning of the artificial intelligence provided by Amazon Bedrock, InfoCert conducted frequent checks and verifications, the results of which were excellent. InfoCert’s previous Intelligent Multichannel Classification and Routing (IMCR) system, now enhanced with generative AI becomes the IMCR AI.

    IMCR streamlines the handling of inbound email communications while seamlessly integrating with various services and tools. Introducing our latest innovation, IMCR AI, which harnesses the power of generative AI to deliver a cohesive workflow tailored for customers with modest information extraction requirements.

    With this transformation, InfoCert expects to reduce by 80 percent startup costs for onboarding new customers, alongside a 20 percent decrease in ongoing operational expenses. 

    At InfoCert, the adoption of generative AI on AWS goes beyond simply enhancing Legalmail, it is a step towards redefining the possibilities in the field of secure communication. 

    Thanks to our commitment to innovation, the future for InfoCert customers is looking more and more promising. 

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