InfoCert & Trakti for smart contract management


    InfoCert & Trakti for smart contract management

    By partnering with InfoCert, Trakti can ensure 100% digital and full legal value contracting processes.

    Digital signature for contracting
    Trakti facilitates the creation, execution and management of online negotiations

    TRAKTI is the intelligent contract automation and management platform designed to facilitate the creation, execution and management of online negotiations. The service enables the modeling, contract onboarding, negotiation and signing of commercial and non-commercial contracts for the benefit of different business functions. Trakti offers in a unified platform a contract repository and various negotiation protocols such as auctions, tender notices, bilateral and multilateral negotiations. The solution enables the management of collaborative processes by facilitating and simplifying administrative processes.

    Goal: a complete dematerialization of contracts

    For a complete dematerialization of contracts, TRAKTI needed to integrate into the solution, tools to support qualified signatures for both clients and counterparties, even those not in possession of signature tokens. The goal was to digitize the entire negotiation process and at the same time ensure the maximum legal value of the signature.

    Trakti chose to turn to InfoCert with the aim of offering a reliable and secure qualified digital signature service to its users. The implementation of “one shot” instant signature through the SPID identification system has further optimized the process, making it not only compliant but also efficient.”

    Efficiency and regulatory compliance ensured by InfoCert digital signature

    InfoCert has proposed to the Partner the integration of the GoSign signature platform, which enables simple and intuitive management of digital signature processes and easy interaction with colleagues or clients. GoSign allows each user to use their own digital signature, or request one in minutes using their SPID identity.

    The integration of the InfoCert solution has enabled Trakti to take advantage of digital, compliant and secure signatures.

    Thanks to the partnership with InfoCert companies and professionals in the Large-Scale Retail trade, IT, Telco, Real Estate sectors and anyone who has to manage a large number of contracts can now sign with just a few clicks, guaranteeing maximum legal value.

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