Winning the challenge of the Digital Transformation


    Winning the challenge of the Digital Transformation

    Rethinking the business model pursuing a Digital Transformation journey, firstly focusing on the diffusion of a digital culture within the Company.

    Enel and InfoCert, a long-term partnership based on a strong collaboration

    Enel was founded in Italy in 1962, following a decision by the central government to nationalize the power grid. In the following years, Enel grew together with Italy, quickly becoming a multinational company in the Energy sector, operating in over 31 countries with the mission of promoting more innovative and sustainable energy use.

    Partnering with InfoCert to win the challenges of the Digital Transformation

    In recent years, Enel has become fully aware of the importance of the Digital Transformation, which demands major changes from companies in terms of massive access to the Internet, diffusion of mobile technologies and intelligent devices, availability of large amounts of information, sharing economy, process dematerialization, cloud solutions and more. That’s why Enel needed to rethink its business model quickly, prioritizing the diffusion of digital culture and skills within its own organization.

    Enel and InfoCert’s partnership was established several years ago and has continued, materializing in many different solutions and services. Co-Factoring has also been founded between the two companies.

    Digitization of internal and external processes with InfoCert trust solutions

    InfoCert collaborates with Enel’s ICT Department to understand its business needs fully and to be involved in building new opportunities and new service models. This approach enabled Enel to dramatically reduce time to market and launch innovative solutions before its competitors.

    Thanks to InfoCert’s support, Enel radically changed its internal and external procedure management, primarily through the adoption of the digital signature. Approval processes and business workflows have also been digitally transformed and paper use has been eliminated with GoSign.

    Today, the partnership between InfoCert and Enel is as solid as ever, focussing on building proximity based on shared strategic goals, proactivity, responsibilities and the ability to innovate.

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