Widiba, a 100% digital bank with innovative services


Widiba, a 100% digital bank with innovative services

A full digital value proposition to innovate standard banking procedures and delete the use of paper.


The digital transformation to improve customer experience

Created in 2014, Widiba (Wise dialog bank) is a young but very innovative bank. It is 100% digital based, and its fully customizable online technological platform is connected with a network of 628 financial advisors in the field.


To match customers’ digitisation expectations

Since its launch, Widiba has focused entirely on the road to transformation. To differentiate its value proposition from competitors and to satisfy its customers’ expectations, Widiba has decided to focus on the Digital Transformation, relying on InfoCert’s expertise.

Its goal was to radically change traditional banking procedures based on signing, re-signing and sending all paper forms to the nearest branch. In the digital era, InfoCert can offer several digital solutions to replace the standard process, such as digital signature and registered e-mail.


Paperless processes for an innovative and 100% digital bank

Today, all of Widiba’s customers have a digital signature and registered e-mail provided free of charge, in line with the Company’s objective to strongly increase account conversion and cross-selling while eliminating printing time, mail sent by post, document receipt and manual checks.

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