With Target Informatica digital transformation is automatically embraced


    With Target Informatica digital transformation is automatically embraced

    Electronic invoicing and remote signature to innovate the vending market​

    Twenty years of experience serving the market

    Target Informatica was founded in 1994 with the declared aim of developing management softwares in Microsoft environment. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995 and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) since 1998 and produces products with national distribution such as:​

    GD Vending Software Solution: the ERP software solution for computerize the management of vending machines ,OCS, coffee shops, automatic shops and not only;​

    S.I.Ge.S. Healthcare Management Information System: a software platform completely web-based, for the management and reporting of clinical and administrative data;​

    TeleCorr: the application for collecting data from vending machines, payment systems, telemetry for storing and sending telematic receipts;​

    Pick&TrackApp: the professional mobile application to record information relating to picking, inventorying, moving, tracking of goods and products, easily integrable with any management system thanks to Android and Microsoft Azure technologies. ​

    Goal: an increasingly comprehensive customer experience

    The Vending Industry is one of the main markets in which Target Informatica operates. In this context, Target Informatica needed to integrate its products with innovative digital solutions, in order to provide its customers with more complete and efficient processes, such as:​

    • An electronic invoicing platform for solutions aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, with the aim of giving more transparency to the activity already carried out with handhelds, in the field and in Coffee Shops;​
    • Secure remote signature functions for contracts and reports in the various applications.​

    For the health sector, on the other hand, the need was to enhance the S.I.Ge.S. ‘Management System for Health’ solution, integrating a process that would allow documents to be signed and stored in accordance with regulations. ​

    ​Another important solution offered by Target Informatica is the Pick&Track App for logistics, for which the Company was looking for the integration of the qualified electronic signature; this, to ensure an increasingly complete customer experience.

    Goal: an increasingly comprehensive customer experience

    Thanks to the partnership with InfoCert, Target Informatica has added value to its offering: the solutions of the GD – Distributor Management family, with the integration of InfoCert’s Legalinvoice product, have seen the introduction of the active and passive electronic invoicing cycle. In addition, LegalCert remote signature services were integrated for documentation, with particular reference to loan agreements and counting reports, required by regulations and necessary for sending electronic receipts to Agenzia delle Entrate.​

    In the health sector, the integrated reporting in the Si.Ge.S. software for the management of hospital digestive endoscopy services has been equipped with the possibility of signing reports securely with a simple click for the doctors performing the examinations. In addition, a digital preservation service has been integrated to guarantee the integrity, availability and durability of documents and information over time.​

    Finally, the Pick&Track App has been equipped with digital signature functions.​

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