InfoCert presents DIZME, the revolutionary Digital Identity platform: a true bridge between Self-Sovereign Identity and eIDAS compliance


    InfoCert presents DIZME, the revolutionary Digital Identity platform: a true bridge between Self-Sovereign Identity and eIDAS compliance

    The Platform offers significant future opportunities for participants in the new Trust Community, including, first and foremost, leaders in the fields of finance, telco, utilities, and retail

    Rome, 17 September 2019 – InfoCert (Tinexta Group), the largest Qualified Trust Service Provider (“QTSP”) in Europe, presents DIZME, the Digital Identity platform based on blockchain technology,  designed and created to integrate SSI (Self-Sovereign Identity) with eIDAS regulatory compliance, thereby combining the respective benefits, that is, a distributed digital identity with full legal validity.

    DIZME is the Domain-Specific Network based on the Sovrin framework, a US non-profit foundation established to promote the self-sovereign vision. InfoCert is a Founding Steward of the Sovrin Trust Framework.

    DIZME was designed by InfoCert and the technology implementation was carried out by eTuitus, a spin-off of the University of Salerno in which InfoCert is an investor.

    Interoperability – between SSI and the TRUST services defined by the eIDAS regulation – is made possible by the dual role of InfoCert, which acts not only as Founding Steward of the Sovrin Network (as well as DIZME Governance Authority) but also as a QTSP in accordance with eIDAS regulation.

    “The issue of Digital Identity is the most strategic innovation area for the business transformation of various industries, as evidenced by global IT Advisors. With this in mind, DIZME is truly revolutionary: a platform that is the result of InfoCert’s constant commitment to the strategic development of the best trust solutions for a digital economy that goes beyond traditional boundaries. We are also proud because DIZME recognizes and protects the right of users to independently manage, control and govern their identity”, states Daniele Citterio, InfoCert’s Chief Technology Officer (Tinexta Group). “This confirms our role as facilitators of digital transformation on a global level, based on participation in important international research and development projects, presence in various foreign markets, and partnerships with important foreign businesses”.

    In practice, with DIZME, InfoCert stays ahead of the market by launching a phase of further innovation compared to a simple remote enrollment of digital identity, of which, moreover, it has always been a leader.

    DIZME is currently available in a BETA version and the phase of building the partner ecosystem – made up of leading companies in the financial, industrial and academic world – has already begun and the first pilot projects have been launched.

    DIZME: roles and economic model

    Partners (called Issuers) selected by InfoCert, as Governance Authority, can participate in the DIZME Trust Community, as a function of their ability to contribute to the growth of the network with their own set of credentials. Furthermore, all third parties who wish to use DIZME credentials within their digital transformation processes may do so as “Verifiers”. Using Dizme any internet user (called Owner in the ecosystem) with a mobile device can benefit from the Trust Community services by simply downloading the DIZME Wallet and completing his/her profile. Since DIZME supports the self-sovereign vision, it offers Identity Credentials to Owners free of charge and bases its economic model on the “Verifier pays Issuer” principle, which benefits both Issuers and Verifiers: the former are rewarded for sharing the Owners’ credentials in their possession, assuming responsibility for identification and classification costs, while the latter benefit from simpler, safer, faster and more cost-effective digital onboarding processes. Not to mention the clear improvement in the user experience for the Owner, who is finally no longer forced to manage numerous credentials and is able – with a single identity under his/her full control – to finalize any digital transaction.

    DIZME: how it works

    The Governance Authority (i.e., InfoCert) defines the identity credentials scheme managed by DIZME and the mapping of the three Assurance Levels (differentiated in terms of identity verification and resulting “confidence levels”). On the proposal of individual Issuers, additional schemes and credential types (Context-Specific Credentials) can be defined, relating, for example, to personal preferences, credit or income information, certifications and so on. These credentials – not limited by specific data types or implementation methods nor imposed by a central hub – are instantly accessible and verifiable without complex integration procedures or commercial contracts.

    Verification of identity or context-specific attributes (Proof Request) can be Full Disclosure (with the request to share a set of Credentials, formulated by the Verifier to the Owner, who must explicitly consent) or Zero-Knowledge (with the Owner ensuring the Verifier a certain requirement without fully revealing his/her Credentials). And, depending on the Identity Credential presented by the Owner, the Verifier can issue a SignRequest – Advanced or Qualified – to obtain a digital signature – one-shot and eIDAS compliant – with which the Owner can confirm a specific transaction, fully guaranteeing legal compliance and value.

    DIZME: some use examples

    The benefits for economic operators using DIZME are numerous and tangible.

    For example, banks and financial institutions can “share” KYC (Know Your Customer) credentials, collected for anti-money laundering regulations (AML), and reuse them, avoiding the repetition of burdensome procedures, facilitating the acquisition of new customers, making it easier to subscribe services and much more. This scenario can be replicated in any industry with similar needs, such as telco, utilities, and insurance.

    Another area of primary application is that of digital certification of skills, based on Open Badge standards, which envisages the issuing of virtual certificates of training or professional skills: with DIZME, they are collected in the user’s wallet and can be verified by parties such as employment agencies and recruitment companies, even allowing the remote signing of hiring contracts, using digital signature.

    Finally, the retail sector provides another example of a use case. With DIZME, economic operators can manage loyalty programs, querying the customer wallet in Zero-Knowledge mode without obtaining sensitive data and avoiding the formalities required by the GDPR regulations typical of data collection in paper format at the point of sale.

    InfoCert SpA

    InfoCertTinexta Group, is the largest European certification authority, active in more than twenty countries. The company provides digitization, e-Delivery, digital signature and digital preservation of documents and is an AgID-accredited digital identity manager in the SPID (Public System for Digital Identity Management) system. InfoCert invests heavily in research and development and in quality: it holds a considerable number of patents, while the ISO 9001, 27001 and 20000 quality certifications attest to its commitment at the highest levels to service delivery and security management. The InfoCert Information Security Management System is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for activities EA:33-35 InfoCert is the European leader in offering Digital Trust services that are fully compliant with the eIDAS Regulation (EU 910/2014) and ETSI EN 319 401 standards and seeks to increase its global growth, including through acquisitions. Since 2018, it has owned  51% of Camerfirma, one of the main Spanish certification authorities, and 50% of LuxTrust, a leading company in Digital Trust in Luxembourg. Finally, InfoCert owns 80% of the share capital of Sixtema SpA, the technology partner for CNA – Confederazione Nazionale dell’Artigianato (National Confederation of Artisans), which provides technological solutions and consultancy services to SMEs, trade associations, financial intermediaries, professional studios and institutions.

    Tinexta Group

    Tinexta S.p.A., listed on the STAR segment of the Milan Stock Exchange, reported the following preliminary consolidated results as at 31 December 2018: Revenues of € 240 million, EBITDA of € 66 million and net profit of € 33.1 million. Tinexta Group is among the leading operators in Italy in three business areas: Digital Trust, Credit Information & Management and Innovation & Marketing Services. The Digital Trust Business Unit, through the companies InfoCert, Visura, Sixtema, the Spanish company Camerfirma as well as the Luxembourg joint venture LuxTrust, provides products and services for digitalisation, electronic invoicing, certified electronic mail (CEM) and digital signature, in addition to services for professionals, associations and SMEs. In the Credit Information & Management Business Unit, Innolva offers services to support decision-making processes such as Chamber of Commerce and real estate information, aggregate reports, summary ratings, decision-making models, credit assessment and collection, while RE Valuta offers real estate services, including appraisals and valuations. In the Innovation & Marketing Services Business Unit, Warrant Hub is a leading provider of subsidised finance and industrial innovation, while Co.Mark provides Temporary Export Management consultancy to SMEs to support their commercial expansion. As at 31 December 2018, the Group had 1,300 employees.

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