Digital Trust Solutions for ING Banks’ customers


Digital Trust Solutions for ING Banks’ customers


Customer Onboarding for one-touch banking products

ING is a Dutch banking group that offers banking services and products in over 40 countries across Europe, North America, South America and Asia. The group offers Retail Banking and Wholesale Banking activities in Italy and employs approximately 850 people.

ING Bank believes and invests in easy, quick, customer-centric processes. Through the ING Direct brand, it develops its digital commitment and support to its customers every day.


Seizing the opportunities of the Digital Transformation

The regulatory framework recently created opportunities to move tasks from assisted channels to digital ones. Today, ING Direct makes banking product onboarding a one-touch process by leveraging the Digital Transformation and dematerialization processes offered by digital signature, remote identification and digital identity.

Sharing ING Direct’s vision on digital transformation, InfoCert is a reliable partner developing innovative solutions and creating value for its customers. Its role as Qualified Trust Service Provider and its international presence make InfoCert a reliable partner in the Digital Transformation and played a decisive role in ING Bank’s choice.


Reducing waiting time for customer onboarding

By using InfoCert solutions and services, ING Direct can leverage process dematerialization to eliminate waiting time for onboarding processes, increase security and protection against fraud, and serve customers on their preferred digital channels, with a major focus on mobile.

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