InfoCert & Stellantis: together to drive innovation


    InfoCert & Stellantis: together to drive innovation

    Stellantis has chosen GoSign, the InfoCert signature platform, to digitalize dealer contracts across Europe.

    Stellantis, a world leader in the automotive industry

    Stellantis, is a leading global vehicle manufacturer and mobility provider. The Group, composed of professionals from more than 160 nations, includes 14 iconic automotive brands and has industrial operations in more than 30 countries and customers in more than 130 markets.

    Goal: simplify the renewal of contracts with dealers

    In a competitive and rapidly accelerating market, Stellantis needed to embark on a digital transformation journey to redesign and implement a new contract flow with its dealer network. These, to date more than 10,000, are branched throughout Europe and belong to individual National Sales Companies in Italy, Spain, France, the UK, Portugal, Belux, Netherlands, Poland, Austria and Germany. Stellantis’ goal was therefore to digitalize and speed up the signing of contracts with its resellers, improving the efficiency of the entire process while ensuring security and maximum legal value of transactions.

    GoSign, the platform for easy and secure signing

    To meet the client’s need, InfoCert proposed the adoption of GoSign signature platform, the solution to manage approval flows in a convenient and secure way.

    GoSign made it possible to automate the entire process, inviting each individual dealer to digitally sign the contract documentation on the signature platform and keeping track of each operation.


    In addition, each dealer through a dedicated space and multi-language video identification process was able to apply for his or her own three-year Qualified Electronic Signature Certificate, functional to be able to sign in a timely manner of any subsequent changes and re-contracts.


    Thanks to a dedicated Contact Center, each dealer was supported throughout the entire process, from the identification and Certificate request phase to the initial use of the GoSign platform with special tutorial.

    Flexibility, efficiency and customer experience

    Stellantis has thus been able to digitalize the signing of contracts with its dealers, reducing the time and cost of the entire process and adopting a more sustainable model of collaboration with its stakeholders in environmental, social and governance terms. We have greatly appreciated InfoCert’s contribution in facilitating and supporting the working process between Stellantis, the European dealer associations and the entire distribution network with its innovative and sustainable certification solutions.” says Danilo Annese, Head of Global Distribution Network in Stellantis.


    In fact, with more than 40,000 transactions, Stellantis has already saved more than 10 tons of carbon footprint and has consolidated governance of the entire resale process thanks to real-time transaction tracking on the platform. 

    In addition, by integrating GoSign with Stellantis’ document system, InfoCert has enabled the Client to ensure a smooth customer experience consistent with its Brand Identity, giving each employee the ability to initiate the signing process directly from their internal applications. “We believe in the idea that the operation constitutes a point of no return in the management of contracts related to the distribution network of the automotive sector and a challenge for digitalization in the scenario of big players at a global level” replies Danilo Cattaneo, CEO of InfoCert.


    In just a few months, more than 10,000 dealers have obtained Qualified Electronic Signature and about 50,000 contracts have been signed.

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