InfoCert & Tesmec together for a trustworthy energy transition


    InfoCert & Tesmec together for a trustworthy energy transition

    InfoCert has supported Tesmec Group to implement MID PKI, the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) that enables central plant controllers to secure and certified communication with every DSO.

    Energy solar plants
    Toward European decarbonization goals

    Climate change has demanded and achieved an increase in the production of electricity from renewable sources, which now cover an important part of the national electricity demand. Production from fossil fuels, on the other hand, is decreasing, with a trend that is destined to decline further over the years. This is due to both the difficulty in finding raw materials and their increasingly complex supply.

    To reach the European decarbonisation targets by 2030, it will therefore be necessary to install over 60 GW of new power from renewables in Italy, from photovoltaic to wind, from hydroelectric to thermal and geothermal. This makes it necessary to introduce regulations to monitor, manage and control electricity production plants.

    New observability obligations and the Central Plant Controller

    In order to meet this need, numerous regulations have been put in place: according to European indications, ARERA, the italian Regulatory Authority for Energy Networks and Environment, requires “Distribution System Operators” (DSOs) to acquire and send to Transmission System Operators (TSOs) the data of the production plants.


    On the other hand, CEI, with the V1 and V2 variants of the 0-16 standard, introduces the Central Plant Controller, and regulates its safety aspects. This equipment, installed at the Delivery Point, allows DSOs to monitor and regulate the production plant, making it part of the grid balancing.

    InfoCert MID PKI for the energy market

    Thanks to its positioning in the security market for IoT devices, InfoCert has developed the component required by Annex T of the CEI-0-16 standard for the IT security of Central Plant Controllers: InfoCert MID PKI is the PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) that enables them to secure and certified communication with any DSO, compatible with the IEC-62351 standards required by CEI. The solution allows a fully automatic management of the issuance and the management and renewal of digital identities of individual devices.

    Tesmec chooses InfoCert to ensure compliant processes

    InfoCert is already supporting numerous DSOs and central plant controllers’ device manufacturers in the integration of MID PKI, making communication compliant with CEI standards, throughout the entire energy supply chain:

    Tesmec Group, a leading player in the design and production of products, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures for the transport and distribution of energy, turned to InfoCert to implement the MID PKI solution. “We decided to rely on InfoCert because of its high level of expertise in the field of security in Italy. As a matter of fact, thanks to MID PKI we operate without a doubt in full security and in compliance with the most stringent regulations in force, making our service even more efficient and reliable,” says Umberto Amadei, Energy Automation Division Manager at Tesmec.

    This is how InfoCert concretely contributes to the evolution of the renewable energy market, with a view to energy saving and efficiency, which play a strategic role in the decarbonisation process.


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