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Identify and trust your business partner reducing time and costs with LEI

Rely on 20-digit alphanumeric LEI code to identify legal entities worldwide

Use LEI codes to find information about "who is who" and "who owns who"

Enjoy GLEIF open and free access data base accessible to everyone

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The 2008 financial crisis bare laid the need to identify and analyse the exposure at legal entities level. Therefore, the Financial Stabilty Board created the Global Legal Entities Identifier System, that assigns LEI to legal entities, providing information about "who is who" and "who owns who".

In December 2019 InfoCert completed the GLEIF accreditation becoming a Local Operating Unit (LOU) authorized to issue LEIs.

Trust your business partner, verify the identity with LEI

Use cases


Financial trade

Using LEI in financial trading enables banks to instantaneously identify and reconcile counterparties information in OTC. In EU, the use of LEI is mandatory by, for example, the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR).

clear Identification

B2B commerce

Organizations deal every day with both internal and external counterparties, such as suppliers, partners and banks. Thanks to LEI, verify identities of third parties worldwide can be simple and faster using GLEIF open data base and API. Moreover, additional benefits are provided including LEI in different digital transactions, such as electronic invoices, digital signature an TLS.


Commercial credit

To extend commercial credit, the lender must verify the legal entity structure and stability. The use of LEI would help to standardize this information and thus would significantly reduce the time that banks’ middle and back offices spend on manual verification processes.

Reduce costs and increase trasparency with LEI

Speed up verification

The use of the LEI reduce transactional frictions and enables faster identy verification to organization that use different data base.

Reduce costs

The simpler and faster is the verification process, the lower are the costs to identify business counterparts.

Increase transparency

All LEI information are open and for free access in GLEIF data base.

Guarantee traceability

LEI contains entity ownership structure, useful to match multiple legal documents to a single client when processing a specific transaction.

LEI request

We report below the steps necessary to request or transfer an LEI.
In this process, the Legal Entities can refer to our banking partners.
For more information visit the Terms of use page


Fulfill an application form with your organization and group (if present) data

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Receive your LEI and use it!

Intermediary Banks instructions & responsibilities

Banks are pursuing a KYC policy (KNOW-YOUR-CUSTOMER) and they comply with Anti Money-Laundering regulation. For more information and instructions on how to manage the intermediary banks process, visit the page from the link below.


Applicant is any Legal Entity, which makes an application to InfoCert in order to use the Service, directly or by means of a Delegate, upon approval of these General Contract Conditions
The Delegate is the individual or entity registered with a professional Register (“albo professionale”), authorized by the Applicant by means of the execution of the Proxy Form to execute for the release of a LEI
GLEIF Master Agreement
GLEIF Master Agreement means the agreement executed between any LOU and GLEIF which sets forth the main rights and obligations of any LOU to issue LEI within the GLEIS
The burden of proof
The burden of proof that an entity is to be considered as Government Entity stays either with the particular entity or with its competent supervisory agency
Common Data File Formats means the mandatory requirements for the structure and content of LE-RD as set out in the currently valid versions of the “LEI Data File Formats
General Terms and Conditions
General Terms and Conditions means these general terms and conditions for the issue and regulation of LEI in favor of an Applicant, attached and accepted by the Applicant in the Application Form
Global Legal Entity Identifiers System or GLEIS
The GLEIS is the system created and managed by GLEIF with the collaboration of the LOUs that enables identification of Legal Entities participating in financial transactions
Legal Entity Reference Data or LE-RD
LE-RD means the data linked to the Applicant as defined by the currently valid Common Data File Formats, describing business card and relationship information related to corresponding ROC policies

InfoCert accreditation

InfoCert completed the GLEIF accreditation in December 2019 and is a Local Operating Unit (LOU).

The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is a 20-character, alpha-numeric code based on the ISO 17442 standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) evaluates the fitness of organizations seeking to operate as LEIs issuers. In December 2019 InfoCert completed the GLEIF accreditation becoming a Local Operating Unit (LOU) authorized to issue LEIs. LOUs supply registration, renewal and other services acting as the primary interface for legal entities regarding LEIs.

Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF)

Local Operating Unit (LOU)

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