Trust Center

Our local approach, your global success

Compliance by design solutions

We develop compliance by design innovative solutions to effectively address customers needs from different industries and countries, empowering your global business with a local approach.

Our contribution to legislative evolution

We actively participate in technology standard evolution and improvements. We give our valuable contribution to the Institutions, to evolve legislative frameworks in the most trustworthy direction.

The strength of highly specialised team

We monitor and manage European and local legislation throught the work of our specialised compliance team.

Find out how we take care of Compliance in each geography

Explore a world made of Trust!

We actively cooperate with the Standardization and Supervisory Bodies in Europe and in the world

As s a member of ETSI, we adopt all the rules of national and international
Supervisory Bodies in Europe


Proactive cooperation

We developed proactive cooperation with the European Commission in the shaping and evolution of the regulatory framework on trust services.

The key to Digital Identity within Blockchain


AI and Blockchain to use identification processes


Authentic dialogues with customers virtually


Secure, share, and trade data with the Blockchain

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